Wonder Sports and Entertainment Group started with a couple lawyers who saw the management of talent in a different light.  Emmanuel Wonder is a former professional soccer player who hung up his cleats and a law degree around the same time. With over 10 years of playing at a high level, Emmanuel travelled the world as a player, while working towards attaining a law school.  The decision to immerse himself in the practice of law was in part fuelled by his own management, or mismanagement to be accurate. His career was limited by arbitrary over-regulation and with his playing days behind him, he vowed to never let politics stifle a player’s career; he channels this zealous defence into every player he represents. Prior to starting WSEG, Emmanuel served as Legal Counsel for global promotions, advertising and manufacturing company Creata Inc., and in that capacity he also oversaw the affairs of the Jindilli and Macadamia companies.   

Christopher Haris took a different route, but ended up with a Masters of Law in Intellectual Property.  As a staunch advocate for people’s intangible rights, Chris has travelled the country in defence of his clients- be it a chef in New York who has his recipes lifted, or an inventor in Atlanta with a royalty dispute, Chris has worked with a myriad of  talent in seemingly every field. As an IP attorney, Chris’s watchdog approach to protecting his client’s intangible rights has become a trademark for their firm and a standard that other agencies will soon aspire to attain.

Together Emmanuel and Chris  founded Wonder Sports & Entertainment Group, a firm where talent has no hard-and-fast definition, just a beautiful struggle.  Here at WSEG we see talent as the never-ending pursuit of passion. We provide clients with the freedom and protection that allows them to hone in on their craft and be the best version of themselves.  Then and only then can they leave it all on the field, or in the recording booth, or in the kitchen.

The diversity of our roster is a testament to the fluidity of talent, and we let it speak for itself. See what makes us different from other talent agencies and take comfort in delegating to us, your  every business and legal affairs so that you, can do you.

Wonder Sports and Entertainment Group is a leading full-service sports and entertainment management and marketing firm with a combined over 25 years of experience in the sports and entertainment industry. As one of the industry’s most experienced and respected firms, WSEG  has not only negotiated numerous landmark contracts, but we also pride ourselves on the longstanding relationships we have established with our clients and their family members that extend beyond their playing careers.

We are a Sports, Entertainment, and Lifestyle Agency focused on driving brand fame through experiential and content driven PR.




Offering a bespoke team and personalised service that is adjusted to suit our clients’ needs across the entertainment, branding, digital, music, marketing, and sports sectors, WSEG listens to the requirements and tailors accordingly.

We provide specialist advice on a complete range of areas: from career management and planning, through to royalty payments and accounts preparation. Our finance business arranges funding to production companies and sports institutions, while our digital and brand divisions ensure we are rounded in our approach and deliver fully developed strategies in all aspects of client management.

Additionally, the agency has worked for some of the largest legal, entertainment and financial services companies in the world. For those clients with an interest in the music industry, WSEG Management has a history of working with the major record labels, such as Polygram, Universal, Sony, Columbia and Jive Records, among others, in creating joint ventures and distribution deals for its clients.

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